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The Annual Architecture Spring Thing, or TAAST, has been a University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design event since it's inception in the 1980's. The poster design, as of late, has been run as a student competition to create the graphic design of the event. This includes a poster design, a banner to be hung in the Art + Architecture Building, and a t-shirt design.

My design for the project was based off of the A+A Building itself. The design of the building was one of a certain architectural clarity to serve as a learning tool for the architecture students that are inhabiting the building. The iconic image chosen to represent this was that of the supply and return air ducts in the building. The blue and yellow metal tubes travel around the building but converge in one, central area. I chose to abstract this image and the 7 ducts to create a graphic representation that embodies the students as well as the building we call home.

The design placed 3rd in the competition and was selected to be part of the Graphic Design Student Showcase held in the Ewing Gallery.

Click here to view the poster in its entirety.

rendering 1