concept poster
building poster

To coincide with the studio project in Krakow, a poster that captured the essence of my design as well as a logo for the buildings served as part of the curriculum. In [RE]FORMATION, my goal of creating a new urban center across the Wisla River from Wawel Castle and Kazimierz (the Jewish district of Krakow). In creating this landmark, the form of two towers were created along the main axis of connection across the river. Since no new construction in the city may be over the height restriction of 25 meters, it was important to be respectful during the project and mindful of the past.

The concept poster frames histroric Corpus Christi Church, one of the tallest and hierarchical buildings in Kazimierz, between the newly designed two towers. It was extremely important to reflect the importance placed on the historic importance of such monumental structures while maintaining the feeling of modernity.

The second poster serves as the site perspective from across the Wisla River. Keeping with the same language as far as representation in color and texture, the towers stand out as the new monuments of the district.
rendering 1