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unit courtyard
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commercial interior

Cabinet House is a design for the community of Alcoa. As a city, Alcoa was founded upon the idea of industry. This idea of industry follows certain utopian ideals of self-sustainability in the live-work typology. These ideals are continued into the residential design by incorporating a commercial space to complement the residences. Also helped by this is the fact that Alcoa as a community does not have a well defined center for commerce within the city. Most of the commercial type buildings are spread out and not very well defined within the typology of the city. The goal was to create a design to work with this through the utopian live-work ideals.

Prefabrication was stressed as a construction method in this studio class. The particular method within this that I chose was that of planes and volumes. The planes are represented through the walls, floors, and roof while the volumes are created through a system of cabinetry. The cabinetry fits upon a single modular volume that can be reshaped into different forms and programs. These then make up the interior walls of the unit to form the larger volumes of the rooms themselves.

The design for the residential units themselves are derived from the shotgun house and the dogtrot house typology. The dogtrot typology is re-imagined in this incorporation so as to provide openings to the South of the units. Large openings are created through a large window in the living portion of the unit. A courtyard space separating the private spaces is in place of the opening on the other side of the home to place the openings on the same side of the unit overlooking their portion of the outdoors.

unit interior