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Reinvigorate the city of Baltimore through the responsive re-imagination of the abandoned row house.

The beginning of this project was a month long study into the graphic manifesto. The end goal of the exercise being to craft a view of the problem and moves toward a solution. The MANIFESTO, entitled "A Consciousness of Time", discusses the abandonment that has gripped ahold of the post-industrial American city, in this instance Baltimore. The abandonment started in the industrial but quickly spread throughout the city, crippling residential neighborhoods. After much research of the city, throughout the levels of its government , city policy, etc. that are at play keeping the city in a state of disrepair, the goal was created to address redevelopment.

If Baltimore has the return of its industry, how does the city become repopulated? My architectural response was to create a coexistence of two abandoned typologies in Baltimore, the Baltimore rowhouse and the shipping container. Since both of these typologies are rampant in the city, how can you responsibly combine them to create a new architecture. Through a set of RULES, the guidelines for the architecture began to take shape.

The SITE chosen is a two block stretch of Broadway, a major North/South axis in Baltimore. The street runs through the best and worst parts of the city. Because of this, it was viewed as a perfect prototype site.

Full plan and section drawings coming soon.
broadway rendering